Aerial Hammock

Where aerial silks are hung upside down as a loop of fabric or hammock. Performers may perform inside or outside of the hammock. Back-lighting adds to the ambiance of this performance type. Hammock is recommended for longer performances and shorter spaces (15′ and below) but is also stunning at a greater height. 

To book a Hammock Performance for your event, please visit our Booking Page or email us at info@thievesofflight.com.

Voler Tourette!

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Voler Tourette!

We’re setting off for our Tourette this Saturday! Rachel, Anya and I will be traveling with friends across the country, teaching and performing. We’ll be blogging along the way and Marshall will be documenting everything on video as we go. Yes, we will entertain you on all levels, in the air, on the ground and flying down the highway in the Voler Tourette RV. Please note that random expletives will be uttered throughout the adventure 🙂 We’ll be in touch soon! Safe and Happy...

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