Greetings Fellow Flyers!

Something occurred to me the other day when I started thinking about the progression of the practice and performance of aerial in our hometown…there is a true calling for many of us when it comes to dancing in the air.

We long to be free and full of expression without any constraints. We like to be different and to challenge ourselves. And we love to try something new!

I used to dream of bungee dancing, floating in the air, twisting and twirling without the need for gravity. And then I saw it executed! I actually saw what I had dreamed of doing, of course it was during a Cirque show, “Ka”, which left my jaw on the floor. I had no idea that what I had a glimmer of doing actually existed. And although I have yet to try bungee aerial, it’s on my bucket list!!

Throughout my aerial practice I have met so many amazing and talented dancers, choreographers, teachers, acrobats, librarians, massage therapists, circus artists and the occasional accountant and lawyer, who all share the same dream. To be weightless and free to express ourselves.

This binds us and connects us is such a way that despite our competitive society, we can still play together as children discovering a new game. We can laugh, giggle and smile in recognition of our shared excitement and love of aerial.

Thank you all for sharing with me!




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