Rachel and her tribe have made the journey to Chicago to support the festivals and events that I’ve created for the Acro community. I’m really excited to head to KC and offer the first series of workshops that I’ve ever taught there.

I’m going to offer 5 sessions from Friday evening to Sunday evening focused on advancing your acrobatic practice.

Friday Evening 7pm – 9pm
(Yes, its the short session. You will want to go to bed and get rested for the remainder of the weekend. I promise you will get more than you are asking for in the time.)
Hand to Hand
From L-Basing to Standing expand your practice of basing and flying handstands in your friends hands. We’re going to work on drills from the ground to standing to build and expand your practice.
30 Second Handstand at the wall

Saturday Morning 10am – 1pm
Reverse Hand to Hand
Turn your handstand around in your partners hands. We are going to work on the skills from ground to standing to build and expand this key part of your practice.
30 Second Handstand at the wall

Saturday Afternoon 3pm-6pm
Popping – Castaways
Learn to pop your flyer or be popped through a 3/4 somersault from Front Bird to Throne
Pop from Bird to Throne

Sunday Morning 10am – 1pm
Advance your H2H Practice and Learning to Inlocate
Begin learning advanced ways to dynamically enter standing hand to hand from the ground. We are going to build skills and drill actions that will allow your to jump from the floor to standing hand to hand. We will work on inlocating from the floor to standing in two high and beyond.
Basing or Flying Two High
Working toward Standing Hand to Hand

Sunday Afternoon 3pm – 6pm
Whips & Pops
Begin your journey toward making dynamic whips & pop movements with your flyer. Move swiftly and gracefully together in a seemingly seamless motion.
6 months of regular acro practice

1 Session for $40
2 Session for $75
3 Session for $105
4 Session for $130
5 Session for $150


Space will be limited. Please reserve your space in advance by sending your payment via PayPal to ChicagoAcroYoga@DivineFlight.com

I will also make myself available for private lessons Friday or Monday with advance reservations. I’m delighted to share acro, handbalancing or cyr wheel with people. Please PM me for details.


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