Jade Osborne



Each form of expression is a facet of the spherical self, combining perfectly as a whole. As a dancer, choreographer, spoken word artist, visual artist, capoeirista, and aerialist, my work interlaces multiple art forms and performance art techniques. Through this combination of cultural experimentation within classical structures and movement, ambiances emerge harmoniously from a clashing frenetic landscape.

By drawing a lifeline between both refined and organic movements, my vision is to demonstrate that all forms have valid ubiquitous inspiration. My most recent works weave contemporary dance with capoeira and aerial acrobatics, characterizing a symbiotic relationship between feminine grace and masculine strength. When these aspects are combined, they generate something new, unique and pure.

Compositions of incongruent forms reveal an intuitive connection. Art is interlaced; everything is an essence of everything. Every motion, sound and vision is connected and inspired by the same energy… the impetus for the artistic journey.

For more information about Jade, please visit her website at: http://www.jadeosborne.com.