Nichole Raab


Nichole Raab has performed with the Kansas City Symphony, The New Theatre Restaurant, Starlight Theatre’s Epic Entertainment, Storling Dance Theatre, and The Shoji Tabuchi Show (Branson, MO). Nichole teaches throughout the city and in the past at Missouri Western University.She has trained in Tap, Ballet, Point, Jazz, Modern, Floor Tumbling/Acrobatics, Aerial Acrobatics, Musical Theatre, Yoga, some Stunt Work and various Martial Arts.

Nichole studied dance at UMKC while receiving a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She has also studied dance at UMKC, The Ailey School (NY, NY), Project Bandaloop (Oakland, CA), Diavolo (Los Angeles) and other various company workshops throughout the country… and where it all began… Hilltop Dance Studio and Nallia School of Dance (Shawnee, KS)!

In 2008 Nichole received “Best Choreography” & “Overall Highest Scores” for her first time ever choreography entry, a modern/abstract piece “Mad World,” in both Dance Masters of America and the International Dance Competition, which brought the piece to a New York City stage in Times Square.

Nichole is grateful for all the support she has received along the way in her 27 years of learning to be a “mover” and strives to continually give back the so many gifts she receives daily from friends, family and the community.  She strives to continually learn and to share gained knowledge.  She thanks all her students for teaching her in return without even trying!

“I enjoy movement arts for many reasons, for the artistry/imagery aspect they create… to create a painting in motion for the eyes to grow lost in. I enjoy them for their entertainment purposes; to make people smile, to make people laugh and want to move themselves. And…I enjoy movement arts for their story telling purposes. I like to tell stories, hear stories, be a part of stories and share – the body is such a great tool to utilize for such a purpose. Without any words, what can it say? What can it make you feel? To me movement is a gift in all forms and my greatest pleasure of the movement arts is to inspire! The body is a gift and I’m quite amazed to see what it can do! I strive to push the envelope and find new horizons. As a six foot tall woman I face many professional rejections but my ears do not fall short on such words as “categories” or “limits,” to me they are rules to break.”

“Tell me I can’t… I dare you!”