…the center of a circle, flow and movement, a hula-hoop unwinding

the endless story of movement and dance.

Within Luna Breeze Performance Art, Brie Blakeman (Luna Breeze) is the artistic director, hiring circus entertainers of all varieties for performances through out Kansas City and the Surrounding Area.

She also specializes in teaching beginner to advanced hoop technique and was recently recognized internationally as 2012 “Outstanding Hoop Instructor of the year.”


As a performer Blakeman is a cirque hoop dancer, fire dancer, modern dancer, aerialist, and more. Blakeman considers herself an opportunist when it comes to the performing arts, so if a topic in any way, combines creativity, movement and emotion you are likely to see Blakeman dancing by it’s side.

Exotic, energetic, entertaining, Blakeman extends far beyond the acrobatic. With her hoop dance choreography, she blurs the line between entertainment and performance art – a focus on the magic of illusion and the interaction of hoop and body. Luna Breeze aims to weave together stories of life, creation and passion.