Come be a part of our wildest dreams! Lucid is a multimedia creation by Voler and TR1B3, that paints a post-modern world featuring: aerial and floor movements, live painting, video, elements of technology, and an original score. Featured at the 2012 Kansas City Fringe Festival and one of the top shows!


Tordu Vol (A Twisted Tale of Flight)

This production is an interaction of light, illumination, video, aerial dance and floor performance… an experiment in the delicate balance of the emotional and physical body, guided by an errant structure of electronic music, lighting effects, and video projection. Featured in the 2011 Kansas City and Chicago Fringe Festivals and produced by artists of TR1B3.


Cabaret Voler

Enjoy an evening with the flying fancies of Voler. We will delight you with gravity-defying acts and we’ll steal your breath (and perhaps your heart). Join the revelry in our lounge cabaret as we entertain you from floor to ceiling, enthralling you with a spectacular performance. This intimate full-length performance creates a cabaret setting which includes various aerial and dance numbers that charm all audiences! One of the top selling shows in the 2010 KC Fringe Festival.