Voler (Volay) – Thieves of Flight, Kansas City’s Premier Aerial Academy and Aerial Performance Collective, is an edgy and experimental collaboration of aerial dance and acrobatics, comprised of performing artists from the Kansas City area. Our mission is to demonstrate the beauty of collaborative movement that is inspired by various acrobatic, dance and performance backgrounds. The ensemble features ballet and modern dancers as well as specialty circus and performance artists.

Voler performers specialize in various disciplines including: aerial silks, aerial hammock, aerial net, aerial carousel, aerial diamond, aerial straps, lyra, corde lisse, machete dancing, modern, jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, latin, ballroom, flamenco, hip-hop, capoeira, broken-glass walking, fire spinning, fire-breathing, bull whip, bed of nails, living statues, tumbling, body-balancing, and anti-gravity movement.