While playing music in a joint performance with Voler, Lacey realized that aerial arts would be her next adventure. Since 2010, she has been a dedicated practitioner and performer in single and duo lyra, silks, and partner acroyoga.
While growing up in greater Kansas City, Lacey enjoyed competitive gymnastics, music performance, and yoga. She graduated from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri where she studied biology and music.
Engaging in research science by day is an outlet for Lacey to indulge in her passion for investigation and experimentation, and aerial has been the perfect compliment to those studies, encouraging a different yet similar manifestation of creative thinking and exploration.
Lacey enjoys the never-ending challenges that practice and performance bring, such as the necessity for strength and discipline before artistry can be expressed. 


“In a life governed by laws and bound by gravity I choose to steal away a little piece of flight. Within the performance group Voler – Thieves of Flight, I have found a means to create a human performance celebrating strength, fragility and the splendor of playful expression.”

I am forever the child in awe of those in-between spaces we often overlook in passing. Doorways, bridges, that imagined spot of a faraway gaze – in midair they are neither heaven nor earth. These are the places I occupy to illuminate the transition from one moment to the next. A simple swatch of silk hanging aloft becomes the perfect juxtaposition to express this fluid transformation.  Adding music, the clear melodies and distinctive rhythms accentuate each movement into a gesture like ripples on water.

Like Peter Pan, “Play as you go!” is the mantra that motivates me daily, exploring aerial silks as both a practice and a meditation.  Synthesis, metamorphosis and balance twists the spirit and triumphs in the body.  I taunt the laws of gravity to steal a little piece of the sky and fly.


Jade Osborne, Artist | Activist | Activator; Non-profit Arts Facilitator; International Performance Artist & Workshop Leader; Capoeira Beribazu Instructora; AcroYoga Montreal & AcroFitness Instructor; Voler Aerial Acrobatics Co-Director & Instructor; Shamanic Yoga Instructor RYS 300; NEA Grant Recipient; U.S. Dept. of Education Grant Recipient.

It is through these various studies that Jade has developed, Moving in Flow, movement & theory practices that strengthen intuitive muscle memory, elevate energetic connections and inspire a clearer sense of individual purpose & community resonance.

Jade lives an inspired, creative and improvisational life and deeply enjoys connecting, elevating and vibrating with others through coaching, one-on-one mentoring, workshops, retreats, speaking engagements and performances.


Dana Pollard is a professional circus performer based in Kansas City who brings a tempestuous and imaginative approach to her performance art. After growing up in a competitive gymnastics environment, Dana eventually found her way into the circus arts and began her training in 2011. Inspired by her love of comic book heroes and fantasy tales, her performances are both surreal and phantasmal, awing audiences with her daredevil antics.

In 2015 Dana graduated from the Aloft Circus Arts full-time training program in Chicago where she specialized in aerial chain loops and cyr wheel under the direction of Zoe Sheppard and Shayna Swanson. Dana’s varied aerial skills include silks, lyra, and chains. She is also trained in cyr wheel, partner acrobatics, juggling, stilt walking, and bullwhip.


Work Like a Captain – Play like a Pirate!

Nichole Raab – dancer and aerialist – a founding member of Voler est 2007, has spent many years performing and teaching locally, nationally and internationally.  Since 2012 performing aerial stunts from the mast of Tall Ship Providence, various sail yachts and regattas. Sailing to new ports between New England and the Caribbean regularly, teaching and performing.  Since 2013 Nichole has had the immense pleasure to perform and create for a long list of well-known positively global minded celebrities and VIPs on private islands as artist in residence working for Sir Richard Branson and his many foundations.  Locally you may have seen Nichole in the past perform with the Kansas City Symphony, New Theatre Restaurant or the Branson Shoji Tabuchi Show when not alongside her sisters of Voler.  Captain Nichole continues to split her time working as Captain and playing like a Pirate with Voler!


Dagney Velazquez stumbled into the circus world almost by accident in 2012, but discovered there a home away from home. She experiences profound joy flying through the air on aerial silks and lifting up others in daring acrobatics. 

Before joining the circus, Dagney studied chemical engineering at University of Tulsa, then went on to Emporia State University for her MS in mathematics. She combined her loves of circus and math in her Master’s Thesis: “Unraveling the Intrinsic Code of Aerial Silks.” You can see her perform daily as a math professor at Kansas City Kansas Community College.