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Voted Best Fitness Class – Rachel McMeachin – 2008 Pitch Awards

Students range in ages 6-60, both men and women alike fall in love with this practice! Students will learn conditioning and stretching techniques that will help to improve overall stamina, strength and balance. Workshops are designed with you in mind. Learn this popular and beautiful aerial form, like dancing on air! As with all classes, you’ll progress at your own pace and comfort level while learning graceful poses, wraps and transitions. Learn positions low to the ground, and move to higher skills as your strength and ability grows.


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WORKSHOPS – Ongoing classes

SPECIAL EVENTS – Special One Time Only intensives taught by visiting instructors or Voler staff for the purpose of refining specific skills and training.

PERSONAL LESSONS – Personal training and small group training by appointment can be scheduled online or by calling 816-668-6292.


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Introductory Silk Classes: Come learn the basics of aerial silks. Your first step to becoming an aerialist! For the first time student, you will learn the basics of aerial conditioning, climbing and foot locks and more! Learn at your own pace with other beginners. The Introductory Sessions are designed to give you a taste of what aerial movement is all about.

Intermediate Silk Classes: Learn the art of aerial silks with a professional aerial teacher and performer! Take some time to learn the grace and beauty with this form of circus artistry. A fitness, dance, circus skills class like no other. Gain strength, flexibility, balance & agility. Intermediate Silks build on the Introductory classes and are for students who are comfortable with climbing, conditioning and foot locks who want to explore flexibility, single foot locks, movement and series training.

Advanced Silk Classes: Advanced Silks classes are for those students who are comfortable in the air and are interested in building sequences, techniques and presentation skills.

Mixed-Level Silks: For beginners to advanced. In this lunchtime class, we will work on drills, skills and techniques. We will all work on the strength training and stretching together then move forward focusing on building the foundations for tricks. Adjustments or advancements given depending on your personal skill level.

AcroYoga: Blending the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community. Solar Acrobatic Practices that cultivate trust, empowerment and joy. Lunar Healing Arts Practices that cultivate listening, loving and letting go. Yogic Practices that cultivate breathe awareness, life balance and connection.

Mixed Level Lyra: Lyra/Aerial Hoop is a metal circle that is suspended from a single point. While Climbing, inverting, rolling and turning every which way on these apparatuses, you will discover their center of gravity in many different positions. You will learn how to move from different positions with grace and ease while gaining strength and control. The classes include a warm up, strength training, conditioning tips, and stretching. You’ll learn at your own pace and interest level. Beginners will focus on proper body position, muscle usage, basic positions, and basic balances. More advanced students will learn more difficult skills, choreography and artistry. As your strength and confidence increase, you’ll be amazed at what you are capable of doing.

Beginning Trapeze: This 90 minute workshop will start by showing you ways to warm up specifically for aerial work. You will learn proper body positions, moves, poses and progressions. This class will have you building your foundation at your own pace. By the end of class, you will be piecing moves into progressions with music so you can enjoy what it feels like to dance in the air! Class will end with a grounding cool down and take advantage of the warmth in your muscles for a little flexibility training. No prerequisites needed.

Youth Aerial: This is a class designed for the 8 to 14 year old flyer. We will explore the foundation and fundamentals of aerial movement in a safe and fun environment. This is a mixed level class focusing on form, fundamentals, and technique.

Deep Stretch: This 90-minute class is for anyone who would like to increase their flexibility and range of motion. Students will learn how to safely stretch their legs, hips, shoulders, and back while building the muscle and balance needed to use your flexibility. Techniques are drawn from circus contortion and dance training. This class is ideal for circus performers, dancers, martial artists, yogis, athletes, and anyone else who would like to open up their body to a new way of moving. No prerequisite.

Adult Beginning Ballet: Come learn the basics in classical form and movement in these adult beginning classes. Ballet forms translate to multiple dance and aerial forms. Feel more connected with your body while building poise and strength.

Pole Dance Fitness: This class is designed to safely teach Beginner to Intermediate pole spins and tricks, along with transitions to smoothly link one move to the next. We will begin with a light stretching warm-up followed by conditioning exercises on the pole, and then learn various pole moves while reviewing the different hand grips/placements, points of contact, and correct bio-mechanics to avoid injuries.

Pilates Mat Class: 5:30-6:30pm Sept. 8-29th (4 week series) with guest instructor Courtney Gay.

Contemporary Choreography: 5:30-7:00pm Oct. 6-27th (4 week series) with guest instructor Courtney Gay.

Personal Lessons (Build Your Own): Come explore and expand on your aerial,  Acroyoga or yoga practice. Each classes is designed for the individual student’s needs. This can be a private or semi private class if you’d like to sign up with your friends. Reserve your spot now or contact us for an appointment.

All Classes held at 556 Lowell, Kansas City, KS 66101. The building is a church located just south of 6th and Central Avenue, near downtown Kansas City, KS. We’re just across the river! Click here for a map!


$25 Single Aerial Class
$80 – 4 class package (Valid for all Aerial Classes)
Private lessons and advanced aerial (by reservation or appointment only)
75 min. sessions $50 one person / $80 two people / $90 three people
$15 for Acroyoga & Pole Dance classes ($50 – 4 class package)
$10 for Adult Beginning Ballet
$5 Open Gym Fee


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