“In a life governed by laws and bound by gravity I choose to steal away a little piece of flight. Within the performance group Voler – Thieves of Flight, I have found a means to create a human performance celebrating strength, fragility and the splendor of playful expression.”

I am forever the child in awe of those in-between spaces we often overlook in passing. Doorways, bridges, that imagined spot of a faraway gaze – in midair they are neither heaven nor earth. These are the places I occupy to illuminate the transition from one moment to the next. A simple swatch of silk hanging aloft becomes the perfect juxtaposition to express this fluid transformation.  Adding music, the clear melodies and distinctive rhythms accentuate each movement into a gesture like ripples on water.

Like Peter Pan, “Play as you go!” is the mantra that motivates me daily, exploring aerial silks as both a practice and a meditation.  Synthesis, metamorphosis and balance twists the spirit and triumphs in the body.  I taunt the laws of gravity to steal a little piece of the sky and fly.