New Century Follies

Ballyhoo Hullabaloo – Saturday, August 24, 2013 – Doors at 7.30pm

In early 2012 in the artistic hotbed that is the one and only Kansas City, an idea was born. Let’s bring the best of the best in the region, these new millenium innovators in vintage performance arts, to an historic stage, for a dazzling night. Live music, dancers, showgirls, pantomime artists, acrobats, comics, femme impersonators, vocalists, and novelty acts, all showcasing their skills in a big way, not seen in our town for nearly a century. On April 6th, the vision took shape, and the crowd was wowed. This, very clearly, couldn’t be just a one time occurrence! And thus, a show was born. In the Winter and Summer, The New Century Follies graces the stage of The Folly Theater in Kansas City, Missouri. Spring and Fall the New Century Follies presents a one-of-a-kind seedy Prohibition inspired Speakeasy at The Arts Asylum. The People’s Liberation Big Band provides the accompaniment as the NCF’s dazzling rotating cast takes you simultaneously back in time, and to the future of variety entertainment.

The New Century Follies is also proud to announce the conception of The New Century Follies National Conservatory of Vaudeville, housed within Kansas City’s most cutting edge multi-disciplinary arts center, The Arts Asylum. Beginning in the summer of 2012, the artistic team behind the NCF will begin offering classes in all things vaudeville. Pantomime, physical comedy, burlesque, fan-dancing, stage makeup, costuming, how to succeed in an audition, and many more classes for all ages will be offered by instructors Damian Blake, Sweet Louise, Opal Malone, and Annie Cherry, as well as other local experts, and also other nationally and internationally touring performers and artists.