Double Up – Aerial Partnering

Working with a partner adds a whole new level of fun to aerial arts. Learn moves and sequences that can only be achieved when working with a partner. You will also learn to establish clear communication with an emphasis on safety and consent. This workshop will be taught on fabric, but what you learn can easily be applied on other apparatuses. No established partner is necessary to take this workshop.
Prerequisites: Crossback straddle inversion, able to invert comfortably in the air.

$60 for one workshop,
$5 discount for signing up and paying in advance.
$5 discount off each class when signing up for multiple classes.(there are 4 workshops in this 2 day series so feel free to join the other offerings Aaron and Nicole will be bringing)

Payment can be made at, friends and family for paypal

Nicole embarked on her journey in aerial arts in the summer of 2014 when a Groupon deal caught her eye. What initially started as an alternative exercise became a passion. She has traveled around the world to train with a variety of renowned instructors to advance her understanding of the aerial arts. Nicole’s first love is aerial silks, but she also enjoys rope and straps. She started teaching at Vertical Fitness Dallas in 2016, and now teaches at Lone Star Circus School and Dallas International School in Dallas.
Nicole creates a welcoming class environment that encourages students of all levels to try their hardest without fear of judgement. There are no mistakes in her classes; only learning opportunities. She challenges her students to safely push their limits with targeted progressions and drills, and strives to provide clear and concise instruction with a focus on sound technique.

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