Greetings Fellow Flyers!

Since Rachel will be leading a special Advanced Aerial Silks Workshop next week, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about my most memorable big drops!

Yes, big drops make us gasp and hold our breath, not to mention audience! Big drops are what inspired me to become an aerialist. I wanted to fall from the sky in beautiful unwinding ribbons, and after much practice, I have!

There are many, and of course many schools have different names, but here are a few of my favorites:

Double Star – something everyone should feel comfortable including in their routine. Leslie loves to do her big drops in the beginning of her routine, while I like to build to the finale. To each his/her own, just as long as it’s controlled and not too arduous looking!

Triple Star – Oh me oh my! This drop is where the fun began for me. Everyone drops differently and as I spot the ground during this drop, I gain speed and end in a spiraling spin (usually). When Leslie does this drop, she’s consistent from start to finish in her speed. We’ve done these drops back to back and some people don’t realize it’s the same movement.

Double Corkscrew Drop – I have yet to build up the ankle toughness for this drop, where basically you’re doing the same rotation as a double star but adding a bat hand drop. If you have a chance, watch Leslie do this one. Such fluidity, even down to the scary head-first towards the ground bat hang drop. Love it!

Slack Drops and More Slack Drops! You could slack drop all the way down the silks, although I wouldn’t recommend it! There are so many wrapping variations of slack drops, that I’m still surprised when Rachel whips one into her routine.

And finally, the Windmill (or Tumbledown as I call it). I have seen this drop with more than five rotations in perfect parallel position, and one day that will be me! Until then, I’ll keep working my three and four rotations. This is my favorite drop to end a routine as it is more easily controlled to work with musical cues. You can train as few or as many as you like because you decide if you want to keep going or stop because the ground is approaching.

Regardless of which big drops you love, just remember that practicing the wraps from the ground, then in the air, and walking yourself down are good starting places. YouTube videos are good for ideas, but ask your instructor for the helpful hints for a safe and beautiful execution. Wrap it up with a strong core, take a breath, relax and let go. The freeing fall is definitely worth all the binding of the wrap!

Happy Flying!