New Choreography Workshops, Pole Dance and Fitness classes.

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This year we are having a student showcase April 27th at Voler Aerial Arts!

This means ALL of you get to show off your aerial and ground work to your family, friends and coworkers. Mark your calendars now because we have many exciting Sunday workshops to help guide you in building your own routine.

Sunday, Feb/23/14 Trapeze Choreography Workshop, Sunday March/09/14 Lyra Choreography Workshop, TBA Silks Choreography Workshop.

This all-levels workshop will focus on creating individual performance routines on either Lyra or Trapeze. We will work through that difficult “blank canvas” part of act creation. We will tackle the frustrating “I’m not strong enough” and “I don’t know enough” parts. We may even get to the “that’s what I look like?” part.

· Prerequisite: These workshops are appropriate for all students who have completed at least 3 sessions of Lyra or 3 sessions of Trapeze.

Come with your song (or an idea of what song you want to use) and a list of poses you like. Other ideas such as character, mood and costume are also welcome.

Voler Instructors now teaching in Lawrence KS

The Last Carnival has opened and will be bringing Lawrence circus arts and classes.  For class info and to register for all Lawrence classes book through

You can find Rachel teaching Acroyoga, Silks and kids classes on Monday’s. Anya will be teaching Contortion, Lyra and Trapeze on Wed.

The classes will run in 6 week series so you must sign up in advance to secure your spot. Drop ins will be allowed for the first 2 classes in each session if space allows. By the end of your 6 week session you will have a small sequence put together.

Pole Dance and Fitness Friday evenings beginning Feb. 21st: 

This class is designed to safely teach Beginner to Intermediate pole spins and tricks, along with transitions to smoothly link one move to the next. We will begin with a light stretching warm-up followed by conditioning exercises on the pole, and then learn various pole moves while reviewing the different hand grips/placements, points of contact, and correct biomechanics to avoid injuries. For beginners and those not yet inverting, wear something form-fitting that exposes your arms fully and your legs from the mid-thigh down. As you progress, you will want to have your whole leg exposed as well as the midriff. (You can wear longer, looser layers for the warm-up if you want.) Please avoid all lotions, oils and creams on the body for at least several hours before class, as it will make the pole slippery. Also, please remove all jewelry.